About Me


Do not be frightened, I can be quite sensual...when I feel like it.

I have always been Dominant, assertive, and controlling.  From a young age,  if there is something I would want then I would get it.  Men have always wanted to be with Me and women have always wanted to be Me.  When a man talks about how hot I am I do not take it as a compliment but it is simply, a fact.  Trying to get My attention is going to take a lot more than a few sweet talking words.  I crave diversity and uniqueness and quite, simply a vanilla man is well, boring.  


My beginning years

 I used to be a bakery manager at a grocery store and one day a coworker of mine pitched the idea of pursuing a career in Dominatrix .  He said I could practice on him since he was secretly kinky!  I did a bunch of research online and grew such a desire to BDSM.  I found a privately owned dungeon in Los Angeles and traveled there for an interview.  After working there for a couple months I felt it was better to go independent.  I then got a private studio in Irvine, California that I shared with King Lexa.  We started attending classes at Den of Iniquity to get more experienced.  Since then, Lexa and I have owned two dungeon spaces together and I have owned two solo.  I currently reside in Orange County, CA.


About My sessions

I have a long list of BDSM interests that I enjoy and specialize in as a Dominatrix. Some of My most popular and favorite sessions include foot worship, toliet training, strap training, rope bondage, and sadistic play.  One of My favorite toys to use is My electro wand.  Most of My clients are male but I do accept and enjoy sessioning women and couples as well. I love dressing up and have a wide variety of outfits.  Anything from latex to leather to thigh high boots or stilleto heels.  I have uniform outfits such as nurse, school girl, or nun.  I do accept outfit requests for an additional deposit depending on the nature of the request.​​

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