Accepting New Clients

Travel Dates

​I will be accepting BDSM sessions at the following locations. If you do not see your city coming up or would like Me to attempt to extend My trip you can submit a request to 

(949) 636- 9495 or 

Note that a large deposit may be required depending on the specific request.

If you see that I am thinking about traveling to your city but My trip is not fully booked message Me to show your interest!


Las Vegas 10/9, 10/26-10/28

Sacramento 9/10

NYC 10/15

Los Angeles 10/23-10/25

Scranton 10/29-10/30


Salem 10/31-11/2

Boston TBD

Detroit TBD

Orange County TBD

Seattle TBD


Portland TBD

Vancouver TBD

Orange County TBD